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photo bt Etang Chen (from left to right: Michael Thieke, Paed Conca and Hans Koch)


Hans Koch clarinet
Michael Thieke clarinet
Paed Conca clarinet

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Created by composer and musician Paed Conca, PORTA CHIUSA is an interdisciplinary performance that combines two film projections, a spoken-word text, and a live musical performance. It is based on the conflict that we are experiencing at the beginning of the 21st century, namely that of a world built upon national states, in which people are still not treated equally; in which we still speak about color and race; in which nutrition, health and access to education are still greatly conditioned by hierarchal classification.
The main theme underlining the performance is the conflict between the “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,” (Declaration of Human Rights from December 10th, 1948) and the fact that this dignity is increasingly violated.


Film (1)
Wearing a blindfold, eventuality artist Giovanni Di Stefano is shown painting a glass door with black oil chalk. This procedure was filmed from both sides of the painted surface; and both recordings shown simultaneously on video. The artist attempted to cover the glass within 30 minutes, so that no transparent space was left untouched. A task he was naturally unable to achieve, since he was blindfolded and bound to make mistakes.

Text (2)
Written by author and performer Heike Fiedler, the “Forteressensiemangerneles” text is a word creation in various languages, which plays on the themes of marginalization and oppression.

Film (3)
In 2008, filmmaker Giorgio Andreoli shot footage of the deportation of asylum seekers at the Zürich/Kloten Airport, and processed them into a movie collage. Their faces are not shown intentionally. 

The “Porta Chiusa“ composition will be produced live in concert by Hans Koch, Michael Thieke and Paed Conca, to accompany with the video, which includes the two films and the three short poems described above.

The main video shown in PORTA CHIUSA shows a glass-door. By painting it, one tries to make it impermeable; this will not succeed, however, as spots are bound to remain transparent. PORTA CHIUSA employs this symbol to say that total (totalitarian) security is impossible; it is only used as pretense, to refuse admittance. A fallacious security, blind towards the reality of worldwide migration, and unaware that this kind of walling-off nourishes danger from within. This walling-off also means that human dignity is disregarded.
Heike Fiedler’s texts and Giorgio Andreoli’s film shed a light on the fact that the current criminalization of pan-European migration is legally anchored, and a fact to be reckoned with. As far as the would-be migrants are concerned, their lack of status entails that they are classified as sub-standard, dangerous, criminal and un-social. This “non-status” furthermore implies the inability to be a human being, and the deprivation of any right to freedom of action.
PORTA CHIUSA intends to make a statement against this recent development in world policy, and transmit a strong and definitive signal against it.


because life should be so wonderful(l)

Maki Hachiya vocals
Hans Koch clarinet
Michael Thieke clarinet
Paed Conca clarinet

music here:    the whole composition

Heike Fiedler's text "nano splitter gefaser" influenced me during composing, but I do not let it sound as a fluid text. Only fragments of sentences here and there will break out, but most of the time the voice will mingle with the three clarinets and produce a kind of "Drownmusic" on a low volume. The composition “because life should be so wonderful(l)” explore further the tonal and microtonal possibilities offered by three clarinets in combination with voice. The first edition of this work was with the singer Sabina Meyer and on our Japantour in October 2014 we will work with the Japanise singers  Kouta Unaka, Masae Takano and Maki Hachiya. In November 2014 we perform with Maki Hachiya in Switzerland. The development of this composition is supported through the UBS Kulturstiftung.

PORTA CHIUSA part three

my home in a suitcase

Maki Hachiya vocals
Hans Koch clarinet
Michael Thieke clarinet
Paed Conca clarinet

Based on Yara Bou Nassar's text “my home in a suitcasefrom 2013. I will only use this text as a inspiration for this composition. The premiere will be in November 2014

Festivals: Artacts in Sankt Johann(Austria), Improfestival in Yokohama(Japan),  Irtijal Festival in Beirut(Lebanon), Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf(Austria), Impro music festival Yokohama(Japan), Swiss music days in Belgrade(Serbia)



24th of February at the maison 44 in Basel, Switzerland

27th of April at the Vs. interpretation Festival in Prague, Czech


15th of October at the Airgin in Yokohama, Japan with Maki Hachiya

16th of October at the Knuttel House in Tokyo, Japan with  Maki Hachiya

17th of October at the Candy in Tokyo, Japan with Maki Hachiya

18th of October at the Kissa Sakaiki in Tokyo, Japan with Morishige Yasumune

19th of October at the Take Five in Osaka, Japan with Takumi Seino

20th of October at the Nanya in Nagoya, Japan

21st of October at the Space Eauuu in Kobe, Japan with Kouta Unaka and Takumi Seino

22nd of October at the Big Apple in Kobe, Japan with  Kouta Unaka and Takumi Seino

23rd of October at the Common Cafe in Osaka, Japan with Kouta Unaka  and Takumi Seino

24th of October at the Urbanguild in Kyoto, Japan with Takumi Seino

25th of October at the Art Space Tetra in Fukuoka, Japan

26th of October at the Muriwui in Tokyo, Japan with Maki Hachiya

28th of October at the Coo in Sapporo, Japan with Masae Takano

29th of October at the Leaf in Hakodate, Japan with Masae Takano

30th of October at the Pit Inn in Tokyo, Japan with Maki Hachiya

9th of November at the maison 44 in Basel, Switzerland with Maki Hachiya

13th of November at the Cabinet in Geneva, Switzerland with Maki Hachiya

15th of November at the Sonarraum 64 in Bern, Switzerland wwith Maki Hachiya

16th of November la Voirie in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland with Maki Hachiya

18th of November at the institute in Zürich, Switzerland with Maki Hachiya

19th of November at the spazio culturale panelle 10 in Locarno, Switzerland with Maki Hachiya

all the concerts in Switzerland are with the financial support of:
Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Stadt Biel and Ernst Göhner Stiftung


17th of April at the Roessli in the Reitschule in Bern, Switzerland

18th of April at the Starkart in Zürich, Switzerland

19th of April at the maison 44 in Basel, Switzerland

20th of April at the spazio culturale temoraneo in Bellinzona, Switzerland

21st of April at the Maison du Velo in Lausanne, Switzerland

20th of July at the Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria

14th of October at the "swiss music days" in Belgrade, Serbia

15th of October Novi Sad, Serbia

22nd of December at the OG9 in Zürich, Switzerland


8th of April at the IRTIJAL 12 Festival in Beirut, Lebanon

13th of April at the Radio Liban in Beirut, Lebanon

14th of April at the Nawfal Palace in Tripoli, Lebanon

15th of April at the Batroun Projects in Batroun, Lebanon

16th of April at the Metro al Madina in Beirut, Lebanon


24th of February at the Cinema of the Reitschule in Bern, Switzerland

25th of February at the Cinema of the Reitschule in Bern, Switzerland

27th of February at the l'Etage de Saint Gervais in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

28th of February at the Cinema of the Reitschule in Bern, Switzerland

3rd of March at the Innenhofkultur in Klagenfurt, Austria

5th of March at the ARTACTS 10 in Sankt Johann im Tirol, Austria

22th of April in the Cinema of the Reitschule in Bern, Switzerland

23 of April at the Maison 44 in Basel, Switzerland

25th of April at the Kunstraum Walcheturm in Zürich, Switzerland

29 of April at the Theatre de Saint Gervais in Geneve, Switzerland

1st of May at the Jalan-Jalan in Wakayama, Japan

2nd of May with Takumi Seino at the Antalya Takanabe in Osaka

3rd of May at the K.D. Japon in Nagoya

4th of May at the Urbanguild in Kyoto

5th of May with Takumi Seino at the Big Apple in Kobe

6th of May with Takumi Seino at the Common Cafe in Osaka

7th of May at the Art Space Tetra in Fukuoka

8th of May with Mori-Shige and Keiko Higuchi at the International Art Festival in Yokohama

9th of May with Maki Hachiya at the International Art Festival in Yokohama

11th of May at the Coo in Sapporo

12th of May at the with Renato Ciunfrini, Mori-Shige and Keiko Higuchi at the Bar Isshee in Tokyo

14th of May with Kaido Yutaka at the Knuttelhouse in Tokyo

15th of May with Maki Hachiya , Nabuyoshi Ino and Ryuichi Yoshida at the Aketa no Mise in Tokyo

16th of May with Maki Hachiya and Kazutoki Umezu at the Pit-Inn in Tokyo

17th of May with Maki Hachiya and Takayuki Kato at the Flying Teapot in Tokyo

18th of May at the Super-Deluxe in Tokyo

19th of May at the Rag in Kyoto

20th of May with Yoko Miura at the Violon in Tokyo