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Yara Bou Nassar is a Lebanese actress, stage director, and writer. She graduated from the Lebanese university of fine arts. She later attended many acting workshops in varied techniques, from improvisation and character work to mime and dance with people like Nathalie Garraud, Kassem Bayatli, Kazumi Fishigami, Claude Hani among others. Among the longest workshops she attended are a “method” workshop in "The Lee Strasberg Institute" in New York, and a mime workshop based on Etienne Decroux’s techniques in Escuela de Mimo in Barcelona. She finds interest in discovering different schools and methods of work in order to form her own particular voice.

She has been active in the theater scene since 2005. As an actress, Yara participates in a variety of projects that widely differ in genres and proposals. However when working on her own performances she finds it crucial to approach themes that organically originate from her personal dilemmas and obsessions which often involve matters of understanding her identity with respect to her history and surrounding as well as exploring imagined realities through individual and collective memories. Most importantly, she is interested in exposing and deconstructing social stereotypes through her work and constantly re evaluating her role as a woman and as an artist in her community. She often uses documentary material as an inspiration for her creations.

As actress, she participated in plays and with directors such as "Azeer Salem & dr. Faust" by Shakeeb Khoury, "Mechy Online" by Khouloud Naser, "Hemmem Oumoume"(Public Bathroom) by Aida Sabra, " Shesh Besh by Elie Youssef, Fouad Yammine,Marilyse Aad, "Le Premier Jour" by Wissam Arbache, “Rituals of Signs and Transformations” written by Saadallah Wannous and directed by Sahar Assaf, etc...

In 2011 she co directed (along with Elie Youssef) and acted in "Adam Fi Janna Bila Thamar"(Adam in an Unfruitful Paradise),a text by Raymond Jbara. After acting together in various projects, this collaboration was the start of the duo between the two artists.

In 2013, the duo did their second collaboration (co-writer, co-directors, actors) in the play titled “I Have a Goldfish” which tackles the issue of one’s homeland, identity, and belonging via the scope of the human memory.

In 2014, Yara collaborated with Swiss musician and composer Paed Conca and created a new performance under the title of “Collecting Home: stories of cities with missing walls”. The performance is quite autobiographical and confesses through an imagined reality Yara's own reflections on her relationship with her city Beirut. The performance premiered in Bern in October 2014, and was performed again in Beirut in February 2015. Also in 2015 Yara collaborated with Ruth Schwegler and Paed Conca to create a short performance titled "Dream Team". The performance is a result of a series of interviews done by Yara with women in Beirut from different environments all around the theme of lost dreams. The performance's debute was on May 23rd at the "DAS SECHSTE KLEINE FESTIVAL DER ANDEREN ART" in Bern.

In October 2016, she created a performance titled “The Wedding” which was commissioned by Nabil Canaan for the opening of the Viva DADA exposition which took place at Station Gallery ,Beirut. The work is inspired by the women of the DADA movement and highlights the parallelism between what inspired the Dada movement in the early 20th century in Europe and the current socio-political situation in Lebanon and the region. The performance tackles the social violence inflicted on us by imposed gender roles and ridicules the current power structures of our societies.

Yara is currently collaborating with Annalena Froehlich and Paed Conca among other artists, to create a new performance titled ‘Hush...They are Listening”. The theme of this new creation explores the limits of anxiety in a crisis, how the human body receives violence and translates anxiety in daily behavior.

Yara Recently starred in feature film “Listen” by Phillipe Aractangi which will be out in Cinemas In October 2016. she has also acted in short films such as “Fogs of Insanity” written and directed by Wassim Tanios, "Jad and Assil" directed by Bane Fakih in which she got nominated for best actress in leading role in New York International Film Festival, " Mercredi" by Talal Khoury and "Beit Byout" by Joseph Khallouf.

Yara is also involved in psycho social work and teaching. She is a Clown Doctor since 2010 with “Smile Foundation” NGO, working in different hospitals in Beirut, while doing an ongoing training with her mentor clown doctor Rodrigo Morganti from Theodora Foundation in Italy.

She was a part time drama teacher from 2009 to 2013 in International College, Beirut. She was also a theater instructor in a 6 months workshop of arts for teenagers organized by “Entr-Act” and funded by “Save The Children” within the activities of the Mediterranean initiative project “Naseej.

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