the New Album


  PRAED پرائد

      Psychedelic Shaabi from Beirut


photo by Tony Elieh(Raed Yassin left, Paed Conca right)


Techrider and Accomodation:

PRAED will need the following technical:

a good and strong soundsystem with subwoofers!

if you look from the audience Raed Yassin is on the right side of the stage:
stereo(L/R) out of the mixer from Raed Yassin(jack or canon)+one vocal mic/cabel+one monitor+one table
length 110 cm/width 60 cm/height 90 cm(he will stand, so the height needs to be min 90 cm)

if you look from the audience Paed Conca is on the left side of the stage:
stereo(L/R) out of the mixer from Paed Conca(jack or canon)+one mic for clarinet(cable/stand)

one monitor+one regular chair
height 45 cm/one small table length 70 cm/width 30 cm/height 60 cm

the mic  for the clarinet from Paed Conca will go directly into the soundsystem.
Everything else will go first into our mixers.
You will get five channels in total(two from Raed and three from Paed)

soundcheck might take up to 1 hour!!!!   No line check only!!!!!!!

PRAED concerts are not seated!  

Food and drinks of good quality!
one vegetarian or fish meal, one with meat

Hotel: two single rooms with internet in a good hotel